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Avoid the panic-filled 3 a.m. phone call from one of your users or, worse yet, one of your customers telling you your system is down and they either can't access critical information or are unable to process transactions. Not only can this cost your company money, it can also put you "at-risk" with your clients and partners. Instead of taking an “if it breaks you fix it” approach, let Symmetry Resource Group help you create and implement the best performance management plan for your organization.

SRG uses a proven, process-driven approach to measure the overall health and performance of your enterprise applications and business systems. We do this by gathering system-wide statistics and identifying key success metrics, evaluating how your I.T. aligns with the growth of your business, reviewing your documentation and processes, and identifying any "gaps" in your infrastructure. We do this all while collaborating directly with you, sharing valuable ideas and strategies, with minimal disruption to your user community.  

Experience + best practices = an IT performance strategy for long-term success

Let Symmetry Resource Group help you to create a "rock solid" performance management strategy to support your company’s unique needs and business goals. We will ensure that you have the best plan for short- and long-term growth and sustained scalable performance. Proper tools, appropriate planning and a clear long-term strategy will enable you to achieve maximum performance and value.

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Performance Strategy Statistics and Performance Metrics

Statistics and Performance Metrics

  • Comprehensive enterprise monitoring and reporting
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
    • Proven Open Source solutions
    • Client & Industry-specific tools
  • Business application management
  • Infrastructure and application performance testing

Performance Strategy, image of a graph with four arrows around it that say architecture, applications, business processes and IT strategies

Strategic Performance Management

  • Architecture and capacity planning
  • Virtualization and resource load balancing
  • Performance issue troubleshooting and resolution

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