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Unproven and too risky—those used to be the best words to describe Cloud hosting. With years of improvement these virtual environments have progressed to the point where they are not only safer and more secure, but, in many cases, they provide companies with a significant competitive advantage in their respective industries.

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Not all Cloud solutions are created equal. SRG can help you choose the right fit for your organization.

How do you choose? Not all Cloud solutions serve the same function and each company has its own specific needs that may, or may not, lend themselves to complete virtualization. In fact, while virtually all enterprise-level companies do have some elements of Cloud technology the majority of those organizations continue to maintain various internal systems and processes. 

Cloud technology has its proper place but when and where to use it varies for each company. Making these choices requires a significant amount of diligence and Symmetry Resource Group will provide you with the necessary tools, experience, and thought leadership allowing you to make the right decisions based on facts, not just current trends or sales incentives. What might sound good in discussion may not be the best choice for you.

SRG sets you up with the necessary tools, experience and thought leadership to make the right Cloud platform selection through:

Cloud Platform Selection Cloud Readiness Evaluation, image of a cloud with a check mark

Cloud Readiness Evaluation

  • Current-state system mapping and documentation
  • Business process mapping and planning
  • Risk identification and analysis (business impact)
  • Organizational change definition (human impact)
  • Cloud platform comparison and cost analysis
  • Performance management strategy

 Cloud Solutions Application and Database Hosting, image of a cloud with a monitor and database stack

Application and Database Hosting

  • Oracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Cloud Solutions
    • Oracle Software as a Service (Saas)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Commercial Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Cloud Migration Services, image of a cloud with an arrow

Migration Services

  • Project scoping and planning
  • Application architecture and strategy
  • Enterprise and third-party software integration planning and execution
  • Custom integration and configuration
  • Business process/Cloud platform alignment
  • Infrastructure decommissioning/redeployment

 Cloud Solutions High Availability and Business Continuity, image of a cloud with a clock and arrows in it

High Availability and Business Continuity Solutions

  • Multi-site architecture
  • Cost efficient and best practice disaster recovery strategy
  • Cloud Backup

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