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Application HostingVirtually every company has some level of focus on reducing its operating expenses for I.T. Licensing costs, procuring and maintaining infrastructure, and ongoing support costs can be a significant negative impact to “bottom line” costs. 3rd-party, or “Cloud” hosting has become a very lucrative way for companies to reduce budget spend and mitigate risk. But there are many options. Full-service vendor ASP’s and SaaS solutions (such as Oracle or Microsoft), commercial offerings (such as Rackspace or Amazon), hybrid alternatives, and of course remote datacenters with customized platforms.  Which is the best for your business?

Cutting through the clutter of cloud application hosting services can seem like a never-ending process of sifting through full-service vendors, commercial options, hybrid alternatives and remote datacenters.

Symmetry Resource Group is here to help you to select the best hosting options for your company's individual needs. Reduce maintenance costs, minimize infrastructure needs, lower security risks and boost performance. Symmetry Resource Group has you covered!


Oracle Enterprise Cloud InfrastructureOracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Symmetry Resource Group, partnered with dcVast, Inc. offers a single-vendor Oracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure solution for the entire technology stack. This offers you a lower total cost of ownership through lower acquisition costs, operating system and virtual machine license optimization, and increased efficiency.

Through our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you also benefit from:

  • Higher performance with systems engineered to work together;
  • Streamlined support with the same configuration as Oracle, issues are diagnosed, analyzed and resolved quickly;
  • Service Level Agreements of 99.95 percent or higher

Oracle Cloud SolutionsOracle Cloud Solutions

With Oracle Cloud hosting you’ll receive best-in-class service at a lower cost without the complexity involved in other cloud hosting services through Oracle Software as a Service (Saas), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

We offer the following Oracle Cloud Solutions:

  • Private cloud with a complete portfolio of platform and infrastructure solutions.
  • Managed cloud with dedicated service customized to fit your specific needs.

Scalable Hybrid Cloud Solutions

No one cloud hosting service is right for every organization, which is why Symmetry Resource Group offers scalable hybrid solutions from reputable providers.

Rackspace Hosting

With Rackspace you benefit from: 

  • Public cloud with pay-as-you-go scalability, which is ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic
  • Private cloud with enhanced security and ultimate control
  • Dedicated servers with ultra-fast performance and reliability
  • RackConnect, which allows you to use your own servers connected to a fully-managed Cloud platform

Amazon Web Services

With Amazon Web Services you benefit from:

  • Cloud hosting that is flexible, scalable and secure,
  • Diversity in the range of operating systems and
  • High availability and proven performance.

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