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Symmetry Resource Group offers enterprise software and technology solutions including: customized application support, cloud hosting solutions, comprehensive database management services, solution architecture and technology consulting.


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Superior database solutions with flexible offerings 

We are an Oracle Gold partner and Microsoft partner, and we provide an end-to-end suite of consulting, database services, and system support solutions. From on-site and remote support options to project consulting and system architecture, Symmetry Resource Group is your "go to" partner for all of your enterprise technology service needs.

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Selecting the right cloud platform is critical to business success 

Cloud hosting solutions give you on-demand access to secure storage solutions with significant cost savings in comparison to purchasing and maintaining on-premise infrastructure. However, not all Cloud platforms are created equal and migrating to a virtual environment does present a number of organizational challenges.  Organizational readiness, change management, system…including 3rd-party...integration to name a few.  Let Symmetry Resource Group help you cut through the clutter with our fact-based and process-driven approach so you can make an informed decision on the best cloud-based computing platforms for your organization.

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Improve business application performance and system efficiency 

No more guesswork, holding your breath or crossing your fingers—Symmetry Resource Group can help you maintain a strong, stable environment with our performance tuning analysis.

Our team of certified Oracle and SQL experts evaluate your systems using both I.T. and industry best practices to determine the condition of your environment and identify any areas of concern. We go above and beyond what most consultants do by reviewing multiple infrastructure, database and application dimensions to provide specific recommendations for correcting, maintaining, and optimizing your system performance.

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