Why Symmetry?

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What Sets Us Apart?

Symmetry Resource Group works alongside your IT department as a true partner providing industry best-practices and critical technology expertise. We’re not your average consulting firm. Our differentiation is based on:

  • Business Knowledge – We know your business and speak your language. We are business people first and technologists second.
  • Accelerated Benefits Realization – We align and prioritize our services to your organization’s unique goals and objectives, allowing you to accelerate your return on investment.
  • Risk Mitigation – Our experienced consultants and our comprehensive approach to risk management form a basis for success.
  • Dedicated Client Solutions Team – We don’t just provide you with a sales team—we deliver active client engagement management. Symmetry Resource Group’s dedicated client solutions team offers you a dedicated set of resources—people who will work with you to understand the goals of your project and work closely with you and our consultants to ensure they deliver to your expectations.


Think of us as another member of your team

We’re not some distant consulting firm with a team you’ve never met. When you work with Symmetry Resource Group, we become part of your team—someone you know and someone you can trust. We share your goals and deadlines and look at your project risk as our responsibility.

As a part of your team, we don’t necessarily wait for direction and instructions. Rather, we take a proactive, roll-up-our-sleeves approach to your business, identifying and suggesting solutions as soon as we see them—like any good team member of your own would be expected to do. And, we customize our service-level agreements (SLAs) to each customer and thoroughly explain how we’ll address each severity level priority. Let’s optimize your business applications systems to save you time, money and headaches!

The Symmetry shared values

Our capabilities—whether it is a simple staffing assignment or a major turnkey project—are performed with a dedication to customer service we call the Symmetry Shared Values. We believe:

  • Information systems are strategic to your company’s survival and success.
  • Business applications exist to support business functions and increase productivity, not the reverse.
  • Any business application or technology initiative you undertake should increase your competitive advantage.
  • In order to achieve a true competitive advantage, you must see the benefits of your business application investment in a timely manner.

We believe our shared values are in sync with yours—we understand your pain points, we understand what’s important to you—using technology to run your business. And because of this, we “plug in” a little more, ask a few more questions than perhaps other firms, and offer a few more ideas and solutions than others—because we care, and because you’re not just “the next job” or paycheck to us.

We don’t just take your request at face value; we pride ourselves on asking “why” and “what if” and daring to be creative and work toward solutions you may never have thought possible. Experience the Symmetry Resource Group difference—contact us today to learn about our focused, value-driven services and consulting solutions.

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